Halloween Kills Movie Review


Kylie McAllister, Editor-in-Chief

On October 15th, 2021 Halloween Kills was released into theaters and Peacock.

The movie so far has made a shocking $50.4 million in box offices as people rush to see Micheal Myers in yet another movie.

After 12 movies, I for sure am starting to get tired of seeing Micheal Myers slaughter the whole town every couple of years and I’m stuck wondering how are there even any people left alive in this town and if they are alive why haven’t they moved as far away as possible?

Before reading the next part please be aware that this contains spoilers!

The beginning of the movie starts out with a scene where we see Jamie Lee Curtis character bleeding in the back of a truck and we are greeted by the sounds of sirens and she yells “No, let it burn.” We find out later that they had created a trap for Micheal and ultimately (of course) fails. Micheal continues on his Halloween killing spree by killing eleven firefighters who went to stop the fire that was set in the house by Jamie Lee Curtis and her family. He kills innocent people for the whole movie per usual. He kills everyone that he failed to kill before and there is no plot other than children and grown people are chasing after him. He evades capture time and time again.

There is one touching part where we see a man who had escaped psychiatric hospital commit suicide because a mob in the hospital thought he was Micheal Myers. This part was one of the saddest parts and almost made me shed a tear.

But back to the killings, everyone gets killed but luckily they set a trap and it looks like Michael’s about to die. He has gotten stabbed a few times, shot around 10 times, and beat with bats and fists by about 12 people. Just like that, he gets up and kills everyone and then calmly walks back to his house which is swarming with police and kills Jamie Lee Curtis in his sisters room.

Many people have crazy theories that there are two Micheal Myers but I think it is genuinely just as it seems, he killed all the people who jumped him and now we will see who he is going to kill for the next million years.

Overall I give this movie a 4/10 and seeing it is a experience but be ready for the possibility of a disappointment.