Biden’s Plan To Resettle 60,000 Afghan Refugee’s

Bidens Plan To Resettle 60,000 Afghan Refugees

Kylie McAllister, Editor-In-Chief

More than 60,000 refugees from Afghanistan have been relocated to the US after the largest military evacuation in history. To accommodate, they have turned several military bases into “small cities” and about 17% of those who have arrived are US citizens and lawful permanent residents. The 17% will be screened and medically evaluated, including Covid-19 vaccinations, before they are relocated all around the country.

According to CNN, the stay is expected to last at least 2 weeks.┬áDefense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters “This will take months to play out, I think.”

These “small cities” are already booming with 2 women having babies and 4 cases of measles.

By the end of September there may be closer to 65,000 refugees and more to come with 30,000 more over the next 12 months. This is a extraordinary rise in the numbers we’ve seen with only 2,000 a months.

Biden has requested a additional $6.4 Billion dollars funds to help aide the refugees and hopefully get more capacity and assistance because as of now the eight military bases have a capacity of 50,000. More than 150 personnel from US Citizenship and Immigration Services have been sent out to the eight military bases to assist in the settling and relocating the refugees. Nine refugee resettlement agencies will work alongside the federal government to decide where the refugees will be relocated too and to determine whether they have US ties and if the place has the capacity and ability to take them in. The Afghan Placement and Assistance Program will give a one-time payment of $2,275 to each Afghan. The agency will also assist in helping with housing, schooling, and other basic necessities.