Longer Lunch Periods

Jaymie Kay Holmes, Staff Writer

Some people believe that allowing students more lunch break time will turn their attention away from their studies. They believe this because of the students’ use of cellular devices and focusing on chats with friends. On the other hand, some people believe that longer lunch periods give students a “brain break”. Which opinion do you believe?

The people that believe in no more free time also believe that students are spending too much time talking and playing on their phones. It is true that teenagers today spend too much time on their phones. According to wvea.org, in fact, a survey in 2021 stated that the average screen time a day is about 9 hours. Although it is healthy to be social, students are not really having face to face time with their friends. Instead, they’re having screen time with their friends. In fact they’re have about 9 hours a day just having screen time with their friends.

The people that believe in longer lunch periods believe that students should have a “brain break”. Also, students can take this time to be social. According to insider.com, 19% of students said that they never feel lonely. That other 81% need to be social. On another note, students can have time on their phones because they might need to text their mother or some other emergency. Also, they may need to have a break from being cooped up in a building. According to nytimes.com, in fact, They do need some fresh air for at least 120 minutes a week.

Both of these opinions have information and facts to back them up. Although, no one can say which is right and which is wrong. So since adults can’t figure out which is right, why don’t the actual students read the facts and information and (without bias), pick which one seems like the healthiest choice?