Advice for Seniors

Advice for Seniors

Haylee Freeman , Staff Writer


Hey graduates! As you head off for college soon, there are many ways of dealing with it all. The stress, the anxiety, the excitement, and everything else in between! Here are some things to remember and some advice for all graduates!

– Be nice to everyone, but choose your friends wisely
– Be present and look toward the future
– Focus on being a better you, not a better them
– Try new things at college
– Get involved during college
– You become what you think
– Enjoy the bittersweet moments
– Be willing to be vulnerable
– Be ready to become the person you always wanted to be
– Make as many friends as possible
– Never forget your high school friends
– Be open to new experiences, but also have goals
– The world will be a different place soon, prepare for it
– Alcohol will play a part in your life, do not let it become your life
– Don’t make crazy, spontaneous decisions
– Start job searching now
– No matter how far you go, never forget where you come from

The world is waiting… go and get it graduates!!