GHS Students Create Group to Give Voice to Youth


GHS Seniors Amareia Dawkins and DeJenae Hopper are on a mission to give the youth an opportunity that isn’t common in society: giving them a voice.

Young teens are often silenced in society due to being looked down upon by adults. Many topics are considered to be only conversation for adults. However, with recent events of police brutality and discrimination, Dawkins and Hopper decided to create a group called “Unsilenced United” as an outlet for teens to express their views on many social issues.

Amareia Dawkins and DeJenae Hopper

What motivated you to create this group?

A: When you think about teens, they need an outlet to talk about things in society. Why not give our community what they’re urging for?

D: I agreed to help with this group because I felt that teens get silenced a lot especially in school. Being in this group will help them be open with their feelings. It’s not only about speaking up about social issues, but giving the youth a voice.

Why do you feel that your message is important?

A & D: Any message coming from any teen is important. It’s in our title, we are unsilenced and united.

What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

A: We hope to accomplish our mission statement which is: getting people comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Anyone is welcomed to join the group and if interested, contact Amareia Dawkins and DeJenae Hopper on their social media!

Contact info: Instagram: @double_u