Good Treats and Warmer Weather!!!!!


Haylee Freeman , Staff Writer

Now that it is Spring and temperatures are rising, it calls for pools opening, beaches crowding, waterparks being flooded with people, and this means people are getting HOT being outside! As Spring continues and Summer approaches, the temperatures will continue to rise. If you are getting hot and want a refreshing treat in this warm weather, I have some ideas for you. I know we can’t always head to a pool or the beach or a waterpark, but there are some good, warm weather, summery treats you can get right here in Gaffney, whether you want ice cream, smoothies, sundaes, milkshakes, snoballs, madshakes, and more! Below are some places that Gaffney has for you to cool off on the hot days ahead!

– Brett’s Bakery & Cafe
– Strawberry Hill in Gaffney
– Sonic Drive-In
– Sunny’s Donuts
– Pelicans Snowballs of Gaffney
– Pretty Please Custom Eats
– Kona Ice of Cherokee County
– Starbucks
– McDonalds
– Hershey’s Ice Cream in Gaffney