Olivia Rodrigo and Her Growing Career

Olivia Rodrigo and Her Growing Career

Tricia Blackwood, Staff Writer

American actress, singer, and song writer, Olivia Rodrigo, is becoming such a big name to know! Olivia gained the majority of her fame through becoming the face of Grace, the American Girl doll, she starred in the movie, “An American Girl: Grace Stirs up Success” then, she started on Disney Show, “Bizaardvark”, in 2016 through 2019, and in 2019 she began to be “Nina (Nini) Salazor- Roberts” in Disney’s High School Musical, The Musical, The Series. In which she began her professional music career!

Actress, Olivia Rodrigo, wanted another name for herself other than being an actress. As she has many talents beyond acting, social media gave her a wonderful platform to post original songs and covers of her singing to post publicly. However, High School Musical, The Musical, The Series, gave Olivia and many other talented young people the opportunity to work with professionals to learn and grow their career in other directions, while acting in a five star rated Disney show! Olivia individually wrote hit single “All I Want”, from the HSMTMTS soundtrack, along with co-writing “Just for a moment” and “I think I kinda, you know.”

Now that Olivia’s name has grown so much throughout the music industry, she has started working individually and become a platinum artist! Her first single, “Driver’s License”, got a crazy amount of streams! Especially for a very first single! And she just recently released her second single, “Deja Vu”, which has already become the song behind a current trend on tiktok the day it came out! It’s already gotten a lot of attention and amazing things said about it. “Deja vu” could potentially get as much attention as “Driver’s License” got which went platinum and stayed number one on the charts for over a month! and stayed top 10 for about 3 months!

She got promoted by major musical celebrities including Conan Gray and Taylor Swift who she now works hand in hand with and has them both as guides. Individually, Olivia Rodrigo is insanely talented and she only continues to become more and more talented by the day. And she has a lot of wonderful help and influences by her side to help her and grow her career. Olivia Rodrigo has already made such a wonderful name for herself, and she’s only getting started!