East Gaffney Baptist Church: GLOW


Tricia Blackwood and Nathan Bradley

East Gaffney Baptist Church’s youth group has began to GLOW! Youth Minister, Karen Burgess, has created a new and very exciting program or “theme” the EGBC youth group called “G.L.O.W.” Glow stands for Grow, Lead, Obey, and Witness. Grow in your faith with the lord, Lead the way and become a leader within the church and community, Obey the word of God, Witness to others and set a path for them to be brought to Christ. Glow’s purpose is to lead students to glow and stand out through Christ.

Glow has not only brought a complete renovation to the EGBC youth area, but creates a deeper meaning for the students to dig into and understand. The renovations have been very exciting! Since the new theme is “Glow”, Karen and other church members have worked very hard to create a new and bright youth area. The new youth area has been a great introduction into “Glow”. Once you walk into the youth area you’re welcomed by loving people, and a warming enviornment. The youth room has been painted and is now gray, along with the multicolored areas that are painted in the youth room. Also, there are LED string lights that go all around the ceiling, which glow once the lights are turned off. The Snack room has also been moved to a bigger area, renovated, and restocked. The youth now also has a game room, including a large connect four set, a pool table, a ping pong table, a basketball game, and a foosball table.

Though all of these changes in scenery and renovations are wonderful, it is nothing compared to the real meaning behind “glow”. After discussion with Karen Burgess, she states, “The purpose of this ministry is to make sure every student is formulated and prepared to share the gospel with the world.” Her biggest priority through glow is to “lead students in such a way that they can obtain a true knowledge of who Christ is and grow a deep relationship with him.” Karen’s long term goal for the youth group of EGBC through glow is to “Create a firm foundation with the Lord that will continue from generation to generation”.

Come visit EGBC and participate in our youth group and events! You’ll be welcomed with open arms into a fun and friendly atomosphere. This is a place to relate and bond with other christians, to build or grow relationship with God, and a place to feel like you belong. Welcome to our youth group at EGBC, are you ready to glow?