“911, what’s your emergency?”


Haylee Freeman , Staff Writer

Are you interested in a career in the health field? If so, you should really consider classes at the Institute of Innovation. Whether you are a freshman, a sophomore, a junior, or even a senior they have classes for you. I am interested in the health field in becoming a Nuclear Medicine Technologist and I am taking my third class in health-related classes here now. I have taken Health Science 1 and Medical Terminology and I am currently in Health Science 2. Next year I will be taking Health Science 3 and possibly CNA classes (Certified Nursing Assistant). These classes have even already gotten me certified in parts of health care.

In Health Science 1 I received my OSHA certification, and now in Health Science 2 I have just received my certification from ProTrainings. ProTrainings is a training program that has now certified me in AED’s, CPR, 2 Person CPR, Bag Valve Masks, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Choking, Diabetic Emergencies, and so so much more! These certification classes now will prepare me for college and for nursing school. I will graduate next year in 2022, and this will all help to get me ahead. I may not have as many classes to take in college now which will save lots of money, I may not be in school as long, and I can get a job earlier with little to no further training possibly. It just makes sense to take advantage of the classes that are right here in front of you.

These classes are wonderful and are so fun! They have labs that are full of very realistic manikins, hospital beds, arms to practice drawing blood from and taking a patient’s blood pressure, and so much more! We actually got to use these manikins to practice CPR and the bag valve masks, choking and more. If you have never been into one of the Health Science Labs you should really try and come tour one or something to see what all they have to offer. It is absolutely amazing and so cool and helpful to be able to receive one on one training right here in your school. Again, if you interested at all in jobs in the health care systems, I highly recommend taking these classes. You can always take something different if you don’t prefer it once you start the class but it’s worth at least finding out if you would be interested in it all or not.