Givèon: New and Upcoming Artist


Nathan Bradley, Staff Writer

Giveon Dezmann Evans, professionally known as “Givéon”, as an American vocalist, singer, and songwriter. He is known majorly for his music in the R&B/ Soul genre, but could otherwise be classified as a Blues version of the Alternative Genre. He was signed by his record label in 2018, and released the song “Garden Kisses.” He was not broadly known for a while into his career, he didn’t begin to peak until his feature in Drake’s hit single “Chicago Freestyle” which hit 14 on the Billboard Top 100. Givèon began to be noticed for his own music attributions. Thanks to Drake noticing his talent, and then other people recognizing it in “Chicago Freestyle,” Givèon was given an opportunity to grow his platform.

Since he has grown to fame, he has released two EP’s, an album which is just a combined version of both of his EP’s and an extra song, a few singles, music videos and is currently working on an album that will be released sometime within the next few months! His first EP, “Take Time”, is where the two songs that have been the most successful, and where he is prominently known for we’re released (after they were released as singles), “Like I Want You”, and “Heartbreak Anniversary”. His two most known songs that have also created a huge boost in his career, creating more attention to him, and more streams. Since then, he’s released another EP, “When It’s All Said and Done”that has been even more successful than the first!

Givèon is an extremely talented artist, and one of my very favorites! He has an abundance of talent, and a beautiful voice. His music has created a safe space for many people to listen to the lyrics and relate their life to him and his music. Givèon is still only in the start of his career, but he is continuing to grow everyday, and one day he is going to be someone huge! He is great, and is already on the path to become one of the largest artists of our generation.”