How Matthew Morrison Cursed 2020


Abby Allison, Staff Writer

You’re probably thinking, “how exactly does one man ruin an entire year?” To that I say that contrary to popular belief, Matthew Morrison is not just a man, but a darkness that is lurking, waiting to strike, and it seems that time is upon us.

Just as the world was just beginning to heal from the terror that was Glee, Matthew Morrison has been cast as the grinch in NBC’s The Grinch Musical! two hour special. As if the world wasn’t already corrupted enough by his acoustic cover of Sir-Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” his breakdancing, the entirety of his appearance on American Horror Story, his rapping, and an ongoing global pandemic.

Matty Fresh seems to wake up and choose violence every single morning. Here are ways to avoid him in your day to day life.

Number One: Do not, under any circumstances, watch Glee. It is very entertaining in a train-wreck kind of way, but at what cost?

Number Two: You simply cannot avoid him. He is everywhere.