UK To Ban Gasoline and Diesel Ran Cars

Kylie McAllister, Staff Writer

A new ban introduced in the UK will ban the sale of any cars that run on fossil fuels in 2030.

This is a step to better the air quality and reduce pollution. The ban is part of a ¨green industrial revolution¨ blueprint announced by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, that includes a $16 Billion government investment.

This ban was moved to happen five years earlier in hopes of bettering the economy that was crippled by the pandemic. Boris Johnson said in a statement “The recovery of our planet and our economies can and must go hand-in-hand.” The UK government will be spending the $16 Billion dollar investment on a multitude of things. $1.7 Billion will be spent of electric vehicle charging stations. $664 Million will be going into producing batteries for the vehicles and $773 million will make the zero emission and electric cars more affordable.

This deadline set by the UK is among the most aggressive in the world and has posed a challenge for the British Auto Industry. Norway, who is among the first to begin the process to impose these bans, will discontinue the sales of fossil fuel vehicles in 2025.

There are multiple other moves from the UK to decrease pollution. It will improve public transportation and housing and public buildings more earth friendly and energy efficient, boosting hydrogen and nuclear power, and increase offshore winds.