Netflix versus Disney +

Netflix versus Disney +

Lauren Ingle, Assistant Editor

Many people were thrilled to find out that Disney was going to come out with a platform to let you stream many older Disney films and television shows that you may have watched when you were younger. Many, however, thought that this would hurt another service, Netflix. While many people thought this, both selections vary in what they put out.

Disney+costs $6.99 a month. It has about 7,000 episodes from popular new and old television shows. This does not include over 500 films, plus the Disney+ exclusive shows. Disney+ launched about one year today, on November 12, 2019. This platform only offers Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and select ABC shows. This makes sense due to Disney catering to a younger audience and teenagers. All of Disney’s pg-13 films that were not Marvel or Star Wars will stream on Hulu. This makes Disney+ for everyone, and keeps a younger audience.

Netflix starts at $8.99 but can go up to $13.99 or $17.99. The cost depends on quality, how many devices you can watch on and much more. Netflix has over 1,500 television shows and over 4,000 movies. 1,178 of these are Netflix originals. Netflix has been around for 23 years and the service changes every month with what they will show and what will get removed. Netflix streams shows and movies of every genre and rates. From rated E for everyone to PG-13 to rated R, Netflix provides. There is a show or movie for everyone in the family.

I love both of these platforms, they are a great addition to movie nights and an even greater thing while having trouble going to sleep. Some shows you cannot take your eyes off and some movies you just have to watch again!