The Year 1970


Lauren Ingle, Assistant Editor

Diving straight into the 1970’s, Richard Nixon was president. The average cost of a new house was $23,450. The cost of a gallon of gas was 36 cents, and postage stamps were just 6 cents. The largest ever rock festival was held on the Isle of Wight with 600,000 people in attendance. The age of voting was also lowered to 18 this year. The Beatles broke up in April, and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty went into effect after ratification by 43 nations. Some of the most popular toys were Hot Wheels, Barbie Dolls, Chatty Cathy, and G.I. Joe.

Here at GHS, many awards were given this year. Homecoming Queen was Ann Hamrick, and her court consisted of, Debbie Sarratt, Cathy Jo Melton, Belinda Gibbs, and Hilda Sellars. Lynn Mabry set a state record in the half mile at the Florida Relays. Donnie Littlejohn received the Ralph Clary Award two years in a row and, was invited to play in the Shrine Bowl. Charles Foster placed first in the hurdles in the junior Olympics. Robert Foster was one of three students in the state to make a perfect score on a driver and traffic safety test. The Marching Band was awarded and placed in the states top ten bands!

50 years ago, you were walking into your senior year at Gaffney High. You were graduating, and making memories with the people around you. You set goals and achieved some. You brought trophies and a team together seeking goals. Clubs came together and made history.