Summer 2020

Lauren Ingle, Assistant Editor

The summer of 2020 was not the best. Due to COVID-19 shutting mostly everything down, there was nowhere to go. COVID-19 also affected many people’s way of everyday life. Everyone had to start wearing masks when going out. Some cities would give out tickets if you stepped onto the street without one.

Grocery stores started to change their times. Most retail stores shut down, and some even went out of business. COVID-19 put many people out of jobs, and for the people still working they were given even more hours because everyone was panicked.

I work at a local grocery store, and we are taking many precautions. We have to make sure everyone is wearing a mask when entering the store, sanitize after every customer, and wash our hands when we get the chance. When the pandemic started everyone came to the grocery store and bought at least $400 worth of groceries. They would tell the cashiers that they were stocking up in order to not have to come back out for at least three weeks. However, it has slowed down since then.

For many people, this pandemic hurt them emotionally and physically. Worldwide there have been 848,000 deaths. Some people are not even allowed to see their loved ones if they are in the hospital. My grandma passed away right before they shut the nursing homes down to the public. Her roommate was her younger sister. I have not been able to go see her since all of this began. One of the nurses sends us messages almost every day about how she is doing, but she does not seem like herself.

I believe that this pandemic has affected all of us as a whole. Whether you have had a family member suffer from it, or just a loss of family time. Whether you have had to quarantine or just work all the time. Everyone should come together and learn to cope throughout this rough time.