The Cartoon That I Grew Up With As A Child


Amiria Hopper, Staff Writer

I’m pretty sure everyone has a favorite cartoon or children’s program that they grew up with. The vast majority of people like Spongebob Squarepants, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Drake and Josh, etc; however, I will proudly admit that while those are shows I enjoyed as a child as well, I grew up with a very underappreciated cartoon show. This particular cartoon may not be that popular, nor intriguing to many people, but in my opinion, it was an absolute gem out of every cartoon out there. This show that I’m talking about is none other than Chalkzone.

Chalkzone was a show that used to run on Nickelodeon; however, only the first five episodes were only aired in March 22nd, 2002, and the remaining episodes for the first season were held back for some unknown reason. Three years later, Nickelodeon finally releases the rest of the episodes for everyone to see.

Chalkzone is a show about an artistic 10-year old kid, Rudy Tabootie, who finds magic chalk and discovers that it can be used to enter an alternative reality world, one made of chalk. In each episode, he goes into this chalk world and have crazy adventures with his chalk buddy and friend from school, Snap and Penny Sanchez. Also, and this is my favorite part of all, at the end of each episode, the show plays a short music video, each music video is different in every episode, and the tunes are so upbeat and catchy, that it’ll be hard not to sing-along to.

I felt as if I had to share my favorite childhood to you all because it would be impossible not to pass up for me. This show is really the greatest show I’ve ever seen, and I believe you all would think it too if you were to ever take a crack at it. You don’t have to watch if you don’t want to; you don’t have to feel obliged to watch it just because I put so much emphasis on it. I mean to each their own, right? So, with that, I respect your favorite cartoon(s), your possible interest in viewing Chalkzone, or your other shows that you used as a kid that you considered an underrated gem out of all cartoons; and I hope you can respect my cartoon interest as well.

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