Zakary’s: Spreading Kindness One Cup at a Time


Tricia Blackwood, Staff Writer

Zakary (Zak) Sampson, owner of the five star coffee shop in downtown Gaffney, had his grand opening on March 5, 2019. Since Zakary opened “Zakary’s,” his business has thrived. There is an abundance of business, which has affected the rest of downtown Gaffney in a positive way. Downtown was pretty empty for awhile, because no one thought that anything was exciting. Now that Zakary’s is downtown, people are always there, causing them to find other places downtown. Business downtown is at a recent high, as people genuinely enjoy going to Zakary’s.

Zakary’s is known for being a very positive and welcoming environment. As you walk in, you are automatically overwhelmed with the feeling of true joy. The workers are all super friendly! The set-up and decorations are super comforting. There are tables set up indoors and outdoors to chat with friends or family, or to study. There are also couches to relax at. There is a big variety of board games to play. Zakary’s hosts many fun events, where the public are allowed to join and spend quality time together having a blast!

Zakary (Zak) Sampson’s main goal is to spread kindness and positivity through “one cup of coffee at a time”

Zakary (Zak) Sampson:

Zakary’s menu offers a variety of different drinks. From the different coffee types to the Italian sodas,  everything is specially made to taste wonderful. Their prices are also extremely reasonable, and fairly cheap!


To visit, the address is 301 N Limestone St, Gaffney, SC 29340. If you would like more information, or want to get in contact with Zak, call (864) 300-2257. The official Zakary’s social media accounts are: Instagram @Zakarys_Of_Gaffney and Zakary’s on Facebook.