Super Tuesday Rundown


Kylie McAllister, Staff Writer

Super Tuesday was the biggest primary day in the U.S. 14 states held their primary, with 1,375 delegates casting their votes. California, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Colorado, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Utah, Maine, and Vermont all cast ballots, and though we are still awaiting results from some of them, most of the votes are in.

California, with 93% reporting and 415 available delegates, named Bernie Sanders the winner. Sanders also won Utah, Vermont, and Colorado. Former Vice President Joe Biden won the remaining Super Tuesday states, including Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Maine.

Joe Biden currently leads the delegate count with 637, while Bernie Sanders has 559. The events of Super Tuesday saw Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren end their presidential campaigns, leaving a two-man race between Biden and Sanders moving forward. Bloomberg endorsed Biden, and Warren decided to take some time to reflect and think before announcing her endorsement.

2,460 delegates are still up for grabs in states who have yet to vote in primary elections. The next primaries will take place on March 10th in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington. The following week, March 17th, will see primaries in Florida, Arizona, Illinois, and Ohio.