South Carolina Democratic Primary Wrap-Up

Joseph Bender, Sports Editor

This weekend the state of South Carolina was in the national spotlight with the Democratic primary taking place. The primary comes right before one of the biggest days of the election season, Super Tuesday, where 14 states will cast their ballots for who they think should be the Democrat nominee to face off against President Donald Trump in the presidential debates and on the ballot.

Vermont Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is the current frontrunner for the Democrats, but had a huge defeat this weekend against Joe Biden in the South Carolina Primary. Vice President Joe Biden had 48.4% of the South Carolina vote, with Bernie Sanders having 19.9% percent of the vote, as Biden clearly took the state. Biden went all in for South Carolina and this is a big win for him heading into the biggest test of the campaign so far, Super Tuesday. South Carolina isn’t enough for Biden, but it’s a huge momentum boost for his campaign.

Following Biden and Sanders, Businessman Tom Steyer had 11.3% of the vote, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg had 8.2% of the vote. Following the defeat, both Steyer and Buttigieg dropped out of the 2020 race and will not participate in Super Tuesday. Tom Steyer put in huge amounts of money and focused most of his campaign on South Carolina.

After the South Carolina Primary, the candidates will shift their focus to Tuesday and will have a quick turnaround to campaign in Super Tuesday states, which are 14 states throughout the country. After disappointing finishes in South Carolina, and a tough primary Tuesday, we will most likely see a few more candidates drop out before March 10th when the second wave of states will vote, including Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington state.

South Carolina was a huge sign for most candidates, either having a disappointing finish or leaving the state with big momentum. The different campaigns were able to see where they are, what it will take for them to continue in the race, and what their path to the election will look like moving forward. For Candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, they can leave the state with hope and a smile, while Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar will have to put up a huge fight to stay afloat.