Senior Night: Basketball 2020

Tricia Blackwood, Staff Writer

On February 11, 2020, the Gaffney High Varsity basketball teams played their very last home game of the season. In honor of this, the school celebrated senior team members on both the girls and boys varsity basketball, and senior varsity basketball cheerleaders.

The girls basketball team has one senior: Ashyah Morman.

The boys team consists of six seniors: Walker Camp, Jefferies Fernanders, Blake Tate, Duke Miller, Jermaine Rhodes, and Domonique Davidson.

Varsity basketball cheerleaders have seven seniors on their team: Hannah Hopper, Myica Knuckles, Taryn Proctor, Payton Greene, Erica Manning, Jamiya Dukes, and Quintavis Robinson.

We are so glad that we had the chance to celebrate our 2019-2020 team members. We appreciate all of our seniors and all of the hard work that they have poured into these sports over the years. As you move forward, remember that you’re doing amazing, and Gaffney High school is so proud.