Wild Weather Week in South Carolina

Wild Weather Week in South Carolina

Abby Phillips, Staff Writer

Over the past few days, upstate South Carolina has been hit with quite intense weather. One day it is seventy degrees, with the next day being full of storms, followed by a day of snow.

On Monday, February third, the high was seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit with sunny skies. The next couple of days involved cloudy weather with chances of rain showers. Thursday, February sixth was the day with the worst weather, bringing terrible rain early in the morning, and even tornadoes later in the day. Many homes and buildings were damaged during the storm, and schools across the area were called off for the day. A lot of these schools were also cancelled on the following day, Friday, February seventh.

Severe flooding occurred due to the weather this past Thursday, and many roads were closed because of this. Some places across the upstate even lost power .

There were snow showers that occurred on Saturday, February eighth, but the temperatures were too high for it to stick. Sunday, February ninth had quite cold temperatures and clear skies.

Over the next week, it will be quite rainy with only Friday and Saturday predicted to be sunny. Temperatures throughout the week include a low of 48 degrees, except of Friday night with a low of 24, and a high of 66 degrees Fahrenheit. When living in South Carolina, you never know what kind of weather you are going to get!