Rise Above Drugs and Alcohol

Haylee Freeman, Staff Writer

RADA: Rise Above Drugs and Alcohol

RADA is an organization that helps keep teens accountable for being absent from drugs and alcohol. The members include students from Gaffney High school and Blacksburg High School from grades 9-12. The leaders of this group are Tierney Rollins (Coach T) and David Toney. RADA has group meetings every few months, and also sets up tables at several local events.

I am a member of RADA for many reasons. One, as a Christian, it is my desire to be more like Jesus and doing drugs and alcohol wouldn’t reflect that. I also have seen the effects on others around me that fall into the trap of drugs and alcohol. Not to mention, I also have so many future goals that I have that would not be achievable if I were to give in to drugs and alcohol.

Abi McBee (member of RADA)
“I RADA because I want to show others that there are people that don’t do drugs and alcohol and to show them that they don’t have to do it to be considered ‘cool.’ I also want to be a good role model for my younger siblings, and I play soccer so I need to have a good and healthy body in order to play. But, most importantly, I am a Christian and doing drugs and alcohol would be going against my Christian beliefs.”

If you are looking to rise above, you can contact CCCADAP at (864) 487-2764. If you or anyone you know is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction you can also contact them as well.

RADA Members: Katelin Mathis, Katie Bloomer, Addy Swofford, Daymon B. Phillips, Matthew Easler, John Boy Sarratt, Abigail Whelchel, Lane Cantrell, CC Medley, Kyndal Jackson, Brianna Bolin, Katelyn Hogg, Abi McBee, Jessie McDaniel, Haylee Freeman, Abby Phillips, Anna Parris, Veronica Parris, Rylan Thornton, Carolina Childers, Emma Parris, Jordon Mathis, Rylee Bell, Emma Womack, Anna Turner, Karson Womack

Cherokee County Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse- CCCADA

RADA Instagram- @rise_above_drugs_alcohol (CCCADA)