Study Tips and How to Get Better Grades

Study Tips and How to Get Better Grades

Abby Phillips, Staff Writer

If you are anything like me, you struggle with knowing how to study for a test. It can be very dreadful, making you either want to get it over with or put it off until the last minute, depending on the type of person you are. To help you out, I have compiled a list of study tips.

Probably one of the most heard about studying tips is to keep an organized work space. It is a lot easier to focus when you do not have a million papers and pencils everywhere to distract you from what you are working on. Being organized also means being able to have a game plan of when, how, and where you are going to study. This helps with making sure you do not procrastinate as well, something I personally have a lot of trouble with.

If you are the type to procrastinate, it helps to find a reason to be motivated to study, whether it is because you like the competitive nature of trying to get better grades than everyone else, because you want to please your parents, because you want to please yourself, etc. One thing I find that really helps me when studying is to explain a problem or an answer to a friend so that I am sure I know how a certain concept works. Another option similar to this is to practice on old tests and exams if there are any available to you.

It is also helpful to take regular breaks when studying as well as to drink plenty of water and eat plenty of healthy foods. This does not mean you can take an hour break after studying for five minutes, nor does it mean you have to strictly watch your diet when exam time comes around. You have to learn what is best for you in order to find a happy medium, a balanced lifestyle where you are living comfortably while also holding yourself accountable.

Something that is also very common to do is to go to a tutor if you are struggling or need help with a certain subject. Many people find it embarrassing to need extra help, when in reality it means you care enough to learn more about a subject you are not the greatest at.

A piece of advice that I highly recommend is to surround yourself with friends who also care about doing the best they can in school. They will motivate you with their hard work!

One final studying habit is to believe in yourself. When you have no confidence that you will do good, you will do no good. Though some subjects may not come easy to you, if you work hard enough, you can always get better. And remember, grades are not everything and there is so much more to life than school, so don’t stress about your grades if you know you are doing the best you can with what you have.