Managing Stress and Time as a Student


Lauren Ingle, F

Students today have so much going on. Between sports, tests coming up in classes, and chores at home, stress is everywhere. How can we cope with all of this stress though?

Studnets can cope with stress in many different ways, especially in classes. We, as students, can recognize when we need more help. The good thing about Gaffney High is we are able to go to our teachers during Tribe Time, in the mornings, or we can sometimes ask for help during class. You can also talk to your classmates and see if they understand what is being taught.

Time management is also a really huge part of stress! Do not wait until the last minute to complete an assignment; take it one step at a time. If you are writing a paper, take it one thing at a time, focus on your introduction, your body, and then your conclusion. Tests can also be done this way; just do what you know and then you have more time to look at the material you may not be able to remember. Keep a positive attitude because you’ve got this as long as you prepare and study!

Remember to make time for you as well, but prioritize your tasks. Do something you enjoy, whether it be taking a walk, coloring, or just listening to music. Do not take on something you know that you may not be able to do. has a method called “The four A’s”, which are avoid, alter, adapt, and accept. This basically tells you to avoid unnecessary stress through learning how to say no, avoid the people in your life who stress you out, take control of your environment. Alter the situation to express your feelings, be willing to make agreements, and create a balanced schedule. To adapt, you will have to view your problems from a positive perspective, look at the bigger situation, adjust your standards, and practice gratitude. Accept the things that you will not be able to change. Some people will not change for you or anyone else and you have to learn to accept that. Learn to forgive, even if its hard it will help in the long run.

Remember that you can control your own life, and there is a way to deal with everything, even if it may be tough to accept. You’ve got this and you can overcome anything!