Student section shenanigans


Sara Swayngim, Staff Writer

“I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win!”

This is just one of the many chants that you will hear coming from the student section at the Friday night football games. Throughout the years, the student section has gotten bigger, has gotten louder, and has gotten rowdier. Students at Gaffney High want to see the student section grow to become even bigger and better. 2017 might just be the beginning of a new era.

The first step to renewing the students section is to give it a whole new name. The idea is that a new title will refresh the tradition of supporting our players as they play football. A group of students at Gaffney have suggested to name the student section “The Wig-Wam” to bring more pride, hype, and excitement to The Reservation. The name is quite fresh so the students are still receiving feedback about it; however, the hope is that the new name will be accepted as the first step toward a new and improved student section.

Not only is there a new name, but there are new faces running the student section. For the past years, the senior class has run the student section by taking charge of themes, chants, and hyping everyone up. This year, the class of 2019 has taken over the student section with full force. The juniors have been climbing on the wall, starting cheers, hyping each other up, and being as loud as they can be. Travis Winkler, the 2019 class president, said “The class of 2019 adds a great atmosphere to the Wig Wam. The cheerful vibes we bring give the student section a great feeling.” He couldn’t be more right.

The section has a new name, new faces, and now has new music. After each touchdown, Fuller’s team of students in the press box plays songs by local rappers that are students at Gaffney High. The student made songs get the students excited and make the student section go crazy. The students are singing along, dancing, and going completely crazy for their Gaffney Indians. Songs that are written by students for the school has to be one of the purest forms of school spirit.

From chants, to theme nights, to just screaming at the top of their lungs, the students at Gaffney High school do everything in their power to show support for their football team. The student section is only going to keep getting better as long as it has students there showing support.