Fall: The Perfect Time To Be An Aspiring Photographer

Cassie Martin , staff writer and photographer

Fall, a time of cool weather and colorful leaves, or supposedly. Fall, especially in the south, is a perfect time to be an aspiring photographer. The different arrays of leaves create a beautiful back drop to any photo. The soft sunlight drenches everything in a perfect heavenly light. Animals, like deer, creep out of the woods, and are sporting a warm, fluffy winter coat, which make beautiful pictures. The only downside of fall is that it gets dark earlier, but then the stars come out. The stars seem to shine brighter and crisper without a cloud insight. Oh, and the  moon! The moon looks larger and more imposing than it already does! It would be a dram come true if fall lasted for 365 days. Be sure to check out the slide show at the top featuring the pictures I took for our perfect fall colors.