Drake Gunnells, Staff Writer/ colmest

What is the best Christmas movie?

Drake Gunnells

With Christmas right around the corner putting pajamas on and grabbing the remote with relaxation on the mind is jus the thing for this holiday season. Many people have always had the question of what is the best Christmas movie of all time? First thing that always pops into my mind is the Christmas movie Elf; the main character being casted by one of the best actors in the history of man kind; Will Ferrell with the director creating him into the character we all know and love Carter Buddy the Elf.

Growing up as a kid I have always loved the Christmas movie Elf. The movie is based on the main charter Buddy the Elf who had two parents that gave him up for adoption when he was just a little boy. On the day of Christmas, Santa came to the children’s home as Buddy the Elf crawled into Santa’s bag of toys. As Santa completed his journey giving people gifts, he was never aware that Buddy was inside the sack as Santa arrived back at the North Pole. He and all the elf’s notice Buddy’s presence and realized Buddy was inside Santa’s bag the whole time leading to him sneaking into the North Pole.

Santa had know choice but to keep Buddy the Elf until he was twenty one raising him up to and adult until poppa elf told Buddy that he was never a real elf telling him that Santa took care of him despite being a kidnapped human. He was just a normal human being. Until Buddy found out the worst news of all time that his real father lived in Queens, New York. He was on the naughty list. Buddy screamed in pain and was so confused as to why he had been lied to for so long. As Buddy went off to leave New York to find his dad. He was very confused seeing all the people and other things he had never see before until he found his dad. With his dad in shock not believing a word that Buddy was saying in the end Buddy the Elf was hurt. Nobody ever believed he was from the North Pole. He all thought the community hated him because he made lots of mistakes. He didn’t know what he was doing because of the fact he had never lived in a human life. To Buddy, being an Elf was all he knew. It was always just Christmas, cheer and joy as well as being enthused to make Christmas more fun and bringing everything together. Later on that day, Buddy’s dad Walter realized what he had done. He remembered his ex wife passed away when Buddy was born so they were forced give him up.

The moral of the story is that Buddy’s father realized what he had done which ended up with him feeling very depressed and upset at his other son. His other son Michael told him that Santa sleigh would not start because there was not enough Christmas cheer in the world as Buddy the Elf helped Santa try to restore it, so did the father. Walter and their other son Michael helped Buddy and Santa fly his sleigh. There was no way to spread Christmas cheer so they went around all over New York. Buddy’s girlfriend, Michael, Santa, and Buddy’s father were singing Christmas songs in order to make the holiday festivities have more cheer and make the meter of holiday spirit go up. It went up to 3.5 billion of worldwide with all the Christmas spirit the sleigh was finally able to fly. The movies plot in my opinion is the reason the movie Elf is the best movie of all time.

Many students don’t agree that Elf is the best Christmas movie of all time. Recently, I met up with my fellow high school student Stetson. He thinks the best Christmas movie of all time is Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer because “Rudolf is a very old film and almost everyone has seen it. Most would call it a classic because it is such a old story and it has a good message behind it” Stetson in his opinion, is most surely right. It is looked at in history as one of the original and most well-known Christmas movies of all time. Do I personally think that just because it is a very well-known movie and concept that it is the best Christmas movie of all time? No. I cannot deny however, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer has a very strong story of the real meaning of Christmas within the film which also brings the idea that it is the original (OG) of Christmas movies although not the best.

Let’s keep this train moving I have one of my good friends Brandon Thomas who thinks the Polar Express is the best Christmas film of all time. “It shows that kids can believe in Santa Clause again and that Tom Hanks had on of the best roles in that movie.” Stated Thomas. He said he always being in school as well as at home watching the movie Polar Express every time it came on. It is such a nostalgic movie for a great many though out the world. That was a very good and respectable answer. I myself can still remember watching the movie in class with a hot cup of coco, there is nothing like it. To end it off with a band we have to asking one of the greatest English teachers in Gaffney High School; Ms. Vassey.  She replied to question with; I think that Home Alone is the best Christmas movies of all time because it is full of comedy which never gets old. It reminds people to always be kind to others (Kevin and his neighbor) has become a tradition in my home to watch this movie annually around this time of year.

In conclusion I will always and forever think Elf is the best Christmas movie

ie to ever be made! These conversations I’ve had with fellow students, friends and teachers really have shed a light in my eyes to other amazing Christmas movies that are sure to become a yearly tradition in my household.