Markiplier Starts WHAT!?!? [REDACTED]


Kyndra Peterson, Co-Editor In Chief

Markiplier (Mark Edward Fischbach) is a well-known YouTuber who has been on the platform since 2012 and has gained almost 40 million (39.9 million) subscribers to his channel. He makes a LARGE variety of content such as, but not limited to gaming, podcasts, vlogs, shows and much more. Recently though, he has added a new section of content to his name; O*** F***! In a recent video (Oct. 16th 2022) labeled “I Will Start an O*** F***…” where he told his content hungry viewers he would start making content on a well known adult spicy website and all of the proceeds would be going to charity. He started his video by saying, “If you’ve been watching my channel this may not be much of a surprise.” He continued with this past in making a “Markiplier’s Tasteful *****” calendar and all of those proceeds went to charity as well. In order for this dream to come true for many fans to become a reality, Mark set forth a list of conditions for his fans to meet. The first condition on this list was what seemed impossible, to launch Distractible (A podcast started by Markiplier, Lordminion777, and Muyskerm) to the number one spot on not only Apple Podcast charts, but also number one on Spotify. To make it even more difficult for fans to get his content, Distractible had to be number one simultaneously on both platforms. This goal to reach was set in place with goals to dethrone Joe Rogan’s podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Condition number two is that the podcast “GO! My Favorite Sports Team” (a podcast started by Markiplier and Tyler Scheid) needed to be number one in the sports category on the Spotify Platform. In only three days, listeners around the world skyrocketed all of the podcasts to number one but Apple Podcasts. Seeing his fans desperate pleas, he changed the conditions to give a glimpse of hope. In order to receive what the fans desperately long for, the fans needed to watch “Markiplier From North Korea” a documentary that Mark’s mom wrote about traveling to North Korea and them learning more about Korean origins. If people bought tickets to watch that and support his mother, he would give the fans the desired O*** F*** content. He then officially announced in a video titled “you win…” where he tells us once he gets his name on the platform from a scammer, he will start the content flowing in after the documentary “Markiplier From North Korea” finally premiers.

As more information is posted about Mark’s O*** F*** this story will be updated!