Teacher of the week; Mrs. Ooley


Za'Riah Smith, Staff Writer

Announcing for the Indian Post, the Teacher of the Week for the 22-23 Academic School Year is, Mrs. Stephanie Ooley. Mrs. Ooley is an English teacher at Gaffney high school, she has been working at GHS for 10 years now, but she has been teaching for 16 years she taught in Georgia and Florida. When she grades papers, she tries to include a variety of work. In her classes, they do projects, quick writes, quizzes, essays, and tests. So, she tries to stay away from homework. That goes into talk about how she feels about homework, she doesn’t like to give homework. She feels that students are in class for 90 minutes and have lives outside of school. However, there are situations when she must give it. Mrs. Ooleys lesson plans are to have them completed by Monday. They are supposed to include standards, essential questions, their agenda, and assessments. They also try to include their WICOR strategies.  When she communicates with parents, she tries to pick a few students each month and send positive letters to their parents. She will call parents when she sees that there are issues within the class. Mrs. Ooley loves field trips!! She thinks they provide a great learning experience for students. Students must be in good standing in their classes in order to attend. Mrs. Ooley thinks some of the biggest changes are always policies, which change with each new leader. She states “honestly, I try to follow the rules and just teach.” Mrs. Ooley also said that she loves her classes and she loves her students.