Introducing the Gaffney High School Band of Gold for the 2022 Season!!

The Band of Gold has big goals and expectations for the upcoming 2022 season. Let’s see what its all about!

Introducing the Gaffney High School Band of Gold for the 2022 Season!!

Kyndra Peterson

The Band of Gold has big goals and expectations for the upcoming 2022 season. So lets introduce this years show, staff, Drum Major, leadership, and more in this exciting look into a world of music. Every individual student that makes up the band is an essential cog and has their own role or part that is crucial within the machine. If you’re the drum major, a captain, a section leader, or just playing and marching you are essential. All these different people banding together into one group of individuals is what is allowing the band to have another year that will continue and continue getting better. The show this year is truly something special and glorious to be apart of, and to watch.

The theme for this year is “All That Glitters Is Gold”, a line you may find familiar from a popular hit song from 1999 “All Star” by Smash Mouth. During an interview with Mr Billy Asis (the band director of Gaffney High School), he said the inspiration behind the name and the entire show design entirely came from the students themselves. “We picked three songs this year that our students can show off musically and we’re writing a drill that they can show off visually through. We want them to realize that all that glitters in our show is gold” says Asis. The three songs chosen for this years musical selection are Ice Rain, House of the Rising Sun, and Evental Order. With loud brilliance in the opening piece, beautiful swells and solos from our very own seniors Kolby Rea and Ethan Robbins during the ballet, and concluding with punctual, excellent sounds from the closer, this show really is a jaw dropper.

Introducing the 2022 band show cant be done without the people who spent their time helping make “All That Glitters Is Gold” a dream come true. Mr Asis has been teaching at Gaffney High 10 of this 17 years teaching and is THRILLED for another year. Mr Asis spends most of his free time doing what he loves and is passionate about; teaching the band. Averaging 2-3 practices a week, band classes all day 5 days a week, football games, competitions, concerts, parades and the occasional disc golf competition, Mr Asis has A LOT on his plate with more than 80 kids to keep up with and manage at every event and practice. Asis laughs and says “My favorite thing about band is when people say “You guys take things too seriously” but if you’re passionate about what you do, would you not take it seriously?” Asis continued with the character of band kids saying “Band students are one of a kind and they are 100% unique. They’re fun, they’re energetic, they love hanging out with each other, they love preforming, they’re just really great kids overall.” It’s amazing to know that the band is like a family and not just a group of kids doing their own thing. It gives a sense of purpose with every performance they put their all into. They don’t just do it for the people they perform for, but also each other to push to go the next step further and get the gold! 

One of the most important people in the band is the drum major. His job is to keep tempo by using conducting patterns so the band can stay in step, on tempo, and in time. Gaffney High’s Drum Major is non other than Yhazir Estrado, a VERY hard-working senior. He is the most humble and kind person to step foot on a podium and set an amazing example for the rest of the band, as well as other students around him. When asked what the wants people to gain from his leadership position he says “I want everyone to feel confident in what they do and not be scared. Be confident and have fun with what you do.” When people look at him, he is a stellar example of a good person and an amazing example of genuinely good leadership skills. With this upcoming season, like many other of our band’s seniors, he has a goal and expectations for the 2022 year “I want for us to have fun, have fun with the show, and I want us to grow more as a family and be closer together at the end of the season.”  A common misconception with the drum major position is that they can be seen as a bossy person in a powerful position and often going on power trips however that is often not the case. They have a lot of responsibility, expectations, and standards to follow. “I’m the head of the band but I don’t see myself that way, I see myself as a regular band member same as the rest. I’m also there to be a friend, I’m a friend to everyone. I have to know my stuff just as much as the rest of them.” He responded when asked what rumors or misunderstandings he wanted to address. 

The leadership the band has this year is truly remarkable in countless ways. The work ethic, the drive and motivation to go to state and win is simply overwhelmingly present in every senior leadership I have had the pleasure of speaking with. The expectations for this year are high for every member. “I want to become a staple for general effects and visual analysis, overall in the past the band hasn’t really been known for their visual transitions or general effect and I think it’s time to change that and start working on our dynamics as a whole.” says senior Shon Ponder, a returning veteran of 10 years and the captain of the color guard. “This is probably the best year that we’ve had and a lot is going into it. Guard, and the band as well and everyone as a whole is working together to be able to convey a show and as long as we can continue to work as one I know we can make it to state this year.”  Kolby Rea, returning for his 5th season and senior year is over the woodwinds as their captain. He also has a BEAUTIFUL solo in which he is highlighted during the show’s ballet “The House of the Rising Sun” where he blends beautifully with our front ensemble. What does Kolby think about the band’s looks to outsiders? He responded with “many people consider us weird, but it’s like a second family to me and many others as well.” During my conversation with all the band students and staff, they all mentioned the band not just being band to them, it’s a family. This family has worked together for the last few months at two separate band camps and many, many after school practices. “With hard work and countless hours of practice, I expect us to make it to state” declares Kolby. 

The band hopes to take its show to the field during the first home game of the season. The end goal is to go to state finals to compete with the best of the best in the state of South Carolina. Hopefully as Coral Colon, a senior in band and the captain of the drum line says “Get that W.”